Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snort 2.9.1 RC is now available, including IP reputation preprocessor!

Snort 2.9.1 RC is now available on snort.org, at
https://www.snort.org/downloads in the Latest Development Release section.

2.9.0 RC & later packages are signed with a new PGP key (that is signed with the previous key).

NOTE: Snort 2.9.1 requires pkg-config be installed for some of its autoconf processing.  See details below.

Snort 2.9.1 introduces the following new capabilities:

* Protocol aware reassembly support for HTTP and DCE/RPC preprocessors.  Updates to Stream5 allowing Snort to more intelligently inspect HTTP and DCE/RPC requests and responses. See README.stream5 subsection related to Protocol Aware Flushing (PAF).

* SIP preprocessor to identify SIP call channels and provide rule access via new rule option keywords.  Also includes new preprocessor rules for anomalies in the SIP communications. See the Snort Manual and README.sip for details.

* POP3 & IMAP preprocessors to decode email attachments in Base64, Quoted Printable, and uuencode formats, and updates to SMTP preprocessor for decoding email attachments encoded as Quoted Printable and uuencode formats.  See the Snort Manual, README.pop, README.imap, and README.SMTP for details.

* Support for reading large pcap files.

* Logging of HTTP URL (host and filename), SMTP attachment filenames and email recipients to unified2 when Snort generates events on related traffic.

* IP Reputation preprocessor, allowing Snort to blacklist or whitelist packets based on their IP addresses. This preprocessor is still in an experimental state, so please report any issues to the Snort team.  See README.reputation for more information.

Additionally, the following updates and improvements have been made:

* Updates to give shared library rules direct access to gzip decoding capabilities.

* Rule Option Improvements:

- Updates to content modifier http_cookie to not include the HTTP header names themselves in the buffer.  This change may affect existing rules that leverage this keyword.

- Updates to the file_data and base64_data rule option keywords and added a pkt_data rule option keyword that sets the buffer to be used for subsequent content/pcre/etc rule options.

- Updates to the tcp flag rule option keyword to support 'C' and 'E' for CWR and ECN bits.

- Updates to byte_extract rule option keyword to support the same string formats as with byte_test and byte_jump.

* Updates to Snort's build infrastructure and autoconf script for portability and improved checks for library dependencies. To facilitate easier building of Snort on many of the different platforms supported, Snort now uses pkg-config to check for
certain library locations.  Obtain pkg-config from freedesktop.org.

* Many updates and improvements to the Snort documentation.  Special thanks to all of the contributors from the Snort community for working with us and making the documentation more accurate and usable.

* Updates to the sensitive data preprocessor for handling HTTP traffic and reducing false positives.

* Updates to Snort's config parsing to provide more meaningful error messages relating to snort.conf errors and configuration display at startup.

* Updates to Snort's active response packets whether via response keyword or part of inline normalization.

* Improvements to HTTP Inspect processing of chunked HTTP data. Additional HTTP Inspect alerts for evasion attempts such as small chunks and excessive whitespace in folded headers.

* Updates to the statistics Snort prints to console or syslog at exit for different preproessors.

Please see the Release Notes and ChangeLog for more details.

Please submit bugs, questions, and feedback to snort-beta@sourcefire.com.

Happy Snorting!
The Snort Release Team

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