Thursday, March 25, 2021

Video: Snort 3 roundtable discussion

To celebrate the release of Snort 3, we gathered up some of SNORTⓇ's most influential team members to talk about everything you could ever hope to know about this iteration of Snort.

We were lucky enough to pull in Marty Roesch, the creator of Snort, along with Patrick Mullen of Cisco Talos, Russ Combs of the Snort product development teams, and Joel Esler, the open-source and community manager. The four of them talked about all things Snort 3, going all the way to its initial inception almost 10 years ago.

They also discuss the benefits of upgrading to Snort 3, new tools and features you may have never heard of and other changes that could be coming in the future. Watch the full discussion below or over on the Talos YouTube page.

With Snort 3, rules are faster and more efficient, users have more control over their Snort experience, and it runs on multiple environments and operating systems. We encourage everyone to shift over to Snort 3 from any versions of Snort 2.  You can download the source from or pull it from GitHub