Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Snort has been released!


The SNORTⓇ team recently released a new version of Snort 3 on and the Snort 3 GitHub.

Snort contains several new features and bug fixes. Here's a complete rundown of what's new in this version. Users are encouraged to update as soon as possible and to upgrade to Snort 3 if they have not already done so.

Changes in this release (since

  • appid: during initialization, skip loading of Lua detectors that don't have validate function
  • appid: in packet threads, skip loading of detectors that don't have validate function on reload
  • appid: provide API to give client_app_detection_type
  • codec: geneve - ensure injected packets have geneve port in outer udp header
  • detection: refactor mpse serialization
  • detection: rename PortGroup to the more apt RuleGroup (and related)
  • detection: replace PortGroup::alloc/free with ctor/dtor
  • doc: add SIP built-in rule documentation
  • doc: update built-in rule doc for SMTP, IMAP and POP inspectors
  • doc: update built-in rules documentation for dns module
  • doc: update built-in rules documentation for ftp-telnet
  • doc: updated builtin rules documentation for gtp module
  • flow: fix warning in
  • flow: use the same pkt_type to link and unlink unidirectional flows
  • http2_inspect: refactor decoded_headers_buffer for hpack decoding
  • http_inspect: eliminate cumulative js data processing
  • http_inspect: handle unordered PDUs for inline/external JavaScript normalization
  • http_inspect: improve file decompression
  • hyperscan: sort patterns for dump / load stability
  • ips: correct fast pattern port group counts
  • mpse: add md5 check to deserialization
  • reload: add logs to track reload process
  • reload: move out reload progress flag to reload tracker
  • search_engine: support hyperscan serialization
  • search_engine: support port group serialization
  • sip: track memory for sip sessions
  • ssl: disable inspection on alert only at fatal level
  • stream_tcp: fix init_wscale() to take into account the DECODE_TCP_WS flag
  • tcp: remove the obsolete GNUC block from TcpOption::next()
  • tcp: stop on the EOL option in TcpOptIteratorIter::operator++()
  • utils: add get methods to peek in internal buffer
  • utils: correct Normalizer's output upon the next scan
  • wizard: update globbing and max_pattern

Snort 3 is the next generation of the Snort Intrusion Prevention System. The GitHub page will walk users through what Snort 3 has to offer and guide users through the steps of getting set up — from download to demo. Users unfamiliar with Snort should start with the Snort Resources page and the Snort 101 video series

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