Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Build 5 for Snort 3.0.2 available on GitHub

 The SNORT® development team released a new update to Snort 3 (aka Snort++) on GitHub today. 

Aug. 12, 2020 — 3.0.2 build 5
  • cip: Fix the trailing parameter for the module
  • dce_rpc: Set dce_rpc as a control channel inspector
  • flow: Check expected flows in flow control and add direction swap flag to expected flows
  • framework: Add an API to check if the module can be bound in the binder
  • ftp: Add opportunistic TLS support
  • ftp: Fix direction for active FTP data transfers
  • helpers: Extend printed JSON syntax
  • http2_inpsect: Fix for flush on data frame boundray w/o end of stream
  • http_inspect: Do finish() after partial inspection
  • lua: Add TCP port 80 binding to the connectivity and balanced tweaks
  • main: Add printing modules help in JSON format
  • managers: Print the instance type of the inspector module with --help-module
  • rna: Add RNA MAC-based discovery logic
  • rna: Discover network and transport protocols
  • stream_tcp: Add check to prevent reentry to TCP session cleanup when flushing a PDU
As we gear up for the full release of Snort 3, we will post regular updates to the blog. Follow Snort on Twitter for the latest updates.  

Snort 3 is the next generation of the Snort Intrusion Prevention System. The GitHub page will walk users through what Snort 3 has to offer and guide users through the steps of getting set up — from download to demo. Users unfamiliar with Snort should start with the Snort Resources page and the Snort 101 video series. 

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