Monday, August 15, 2011

New Snort 3rd Party project is listed: iBlock

The author of this project Roberto Zarrelli wrote me last week while I was at the GFirst conference, and notified me of the listing of his new project "iBlock"'s (For "Intrusion Block") listing on Sourceforge.

A short description of the project:

This tool is a small Linux Daemon that greps the Snort Alert file and blocks the offending hosts via iptables for a given amount of time. iBlock supports the whitelisting of IP addresses so those IPs will never be blocked.
iBlock is now listed on our 3rd Party projects page on, and a link to Roberto's project directly on Sourceforge is here.

Thanks Roberto for your submission, we're all hoping that your project does well!

Thanks to all of the 3rd party projects surrounding Snort!