Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Snort Subscriber Rule Set Purchases

Since the rollout of the new site, we've received a ton of comments, and I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback (positive and negative!) on behalf of the Open Source and Web Teams here in Talos and

We've been noticing a very small mistake that some people are making, and I wanted to make sure that I brought it up.

Since the Snort Subscriber Rule Set on auto-renews every year to allow people to punch in a credit card and have the order fulfilled, people have started to receive an email from our credit card company saying that your charge was unsuccessful.

This usually means that your subscription is about to lapse and the site is attempting to renew the subscription automatically, however, you don't have a card on file with our merchant to charge.  So you get the unsuccessful charge email.

Most of you are logging in, placing your credit card in the system and renewing the subscription, which we truly appreciate, as it goes back into funding the Open Source office.

However, some people are logging in, placing the credit card in the system, and not selecting the radio button and quantity of how many subscriptions you want to purchase and how many.

Hopefully this post, while minor, helps someone out.  Please keep the feedback for coming to, we're listening!