Friday, December 9, 2016

Snort is prepping for release!

We're preparing for our newest release of Snort, version

As always, I try to let you all know as soon as I can on major version upgrades, as the release of will activate the 90 day EOL trigger for  Since is what we consider our Long Term Support or "LTS" version, and there are about 150,000 users on this version, there are a ton of people that need to upgrade.

Snort will take over as our LTS version as 2.9.9.x marches forward, and as always, we encourage people to stay on the most current version.

Snort was released September 30th of 2015, with no less than 144 rule updates in that year.

So, for those of you on, if you do not want to move to the "edge" version of Snort (2.9.9.x) when it is released, I suggest you start moving to now.

Following an upgrade and prior to turning off support, I'll send out an email to all the people who are downloading older versions of Snort rules, and encourage them to upgrade.

Start your upgrades!