Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Snort Mailing Lists are alive!

This evening, if you are a member of the Snort Mailing lists (-users, -sigs, -devel, and/or -openappid) you should have received a welcome message to the new version of the respective list, at its new home on the new server.

You can see the list of Snort lists and of course join (if you are not already a member) here:


All settings to the lists should be the same, and all users have been (or are being as I type this) migrated from the old lists on Sourceforge, to the new lists.

Effective immediately, I have set the moderation flag on the Sourceforge mailing lists, and all further email to those lists will be rejected with a message to post to the new list.  After an indeterminate period of time, I will decommission the old lists.

I am working with Sourceforge to get a dump of our archives, so we may retain that history on our servers, in the meantime you can find the archives for the mailing lists on Marc.  All emails on the new list will also be archived on Marc.

Hopefully everything went well, and I haven't inconvenienced too many people.  I sincerely apologize if I did.  I had been planning to move off of Sourceforge for years, and hadn't simply because of the history we had built there.  However, with their recent changes in policy, moving the lists at this time made sense.

Any feedback about the move, please contact me at: snort-users@lists.snort.org.

We look forward to seeing everyone on our new server, which is not only on an updated version of the mailman software, but also now without Sourceforge's ads at the bottom of every post!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.