Thursday, August 22, 2019

New Shared Object rule builds available September 2nd and additional EOL's

This is a notice that we will be adding additional Open Source Shared Object rule builds to our pipeline starting on September 2nd:

Alpine 3.10/i386
Alpine 3.10/x86-64
RHEL 8/x86-64
OpenSUSE 15.1/x86-64
OpenBSD 6.4/i386
OpenBSD 6.4/x86-64
OpenBSD 6.5/i386
OpenBSD 6.5/x86-64

and as previously noticed, but as a reminder, the following OSes will be EOL'ed on the same date:

CentOS 5.4
Debian 7
FC 25
FC 26
FreeBSD 8.1
FreeBSD 9.0
FreeBSD 10.0
OpenBSD 5.2
OpenBSD 5.3
RHEL 5.5
Slackware 13.1

As these OSes are also EOL.

Thank you