Monday, January 25, 2021

New Snort virtual meeting backgrounds available

We love sharing the SNORTⓇ calendar with our users every year. Our designers enjoy creating new designs and themes and we are always humbled by the support it receives every year.

Usually, we love to see pictures of the calendars hung up at cubicles, on the walls of meeting rooms or placed among armies of colored Snorties on desks and server racks.

Unfortunately, all our workspaces look different now than they did this time last year. It looks like it could be many months before we're all returning to a regular in-person schedule at the office, and instead, we've turned to virtual meeting tools like Cisco WebEx to connect with team members.

We get that your home office is not always in peak condition, or you just want to give off the idea that you're on a tropical island while sitting in that 4:30 p.m. meeting on a Friday. But why not sprinkle in a bit of your Snort fandom? 

To help you show off your love of Snort and the Snort calendar, we've converted this year's monthly illustrations into virtual meeting backgrounds, which you can find and download here. Feel free to show off the might of the Sowerpuff Curls or transport your colleagues back in time with the Flintsnouts.

While you're there, you will want to learn more about the recently released Snort 3.

With Snort 3, rules are faster and more efficient, users have more control over their Snort experience, and it runs on multiple environments and operating systems.

Other prominent features of Snort 3 include: 

  • Support for multiple packet processing threads. 
  • Shared configuration and attribute table. 
  • Use a simple, scriptable configuration. 
  • Make key components pluggable. 
  • Autodetect services for portless configuration. 
  • Support sticky buffers in rules. 
  • Autogenerate reference documentation. 
  • Provide better cross-platform support. 
So show off your support for Snort 3 and the Snort calendar with our virtual backgrounds. Once you've downloaded your favorite month, please send us screenshots of them in use on Twitter @snort and we'll retweet your virtual meeting!