Friday, February 8, 2013

Where do I ask questions about Snort?

I get a ton of email with Snort questions.  I love it.  The community is very vibrant and enthusiastic and we are all willing to help each other out.

But I can't answer all the email alone.  People write me directly, or they'll find our contact-us page on, and they'll write the Snort team, or they'll leave questions as comments on this blog.  This is totally not the best way to get your questions answered, and doesn't allow the community to also benefit from your question (most of the time, lots of people have the same question).

We ask that you write the Snort mailing lists:

We have a mailing list for just the usage of Snort (Snort-users), a mailing list for the discussion and submittal of Snort rules to the VRT (Snort-sigs), and a mailing list just for the discussion of development of Snort (Snort-devel).

These three lists are subscribed to by thousands of people (10's of thousands!), and allows everyone to be active, involved and helpful.