Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Snort++ Update

Pushed build 219 to github (snortadmin/snort3):
  • add dce auto detect to wizard
  • add MIME file processing to new http_inspect
  • add chapters on perf_monitor and file processing to user manual
  • appid refactoring and cleanup
  • many appid fixes for leaks, sanitizer, and analyzer issues
  • fix appid pattern matching for http
  • fix various race conditions reported by thread sanitizer
  • fix out-of-order FIN handling
  • fix cmake package name used in HS and HWLOC so that REQUIRED works
  • fix out-of-tree doc builds
  • fix image sizes to fit page
    thanks to wyatuestc for reporting the issue
  • fix fast pattern selection when multiple designated
    thanks to j.mcdowell@titanicsystems.com for reporting the issue
  • change -L to -K in README and manual
    thanks to jncornett for reporting the issue
  • support compiling catch tests in standalone source files
  • create pid file after dropping privileges
  • improve detection and use of CppUTest in non-standard locations