Monday, February 24, 2020

Learn Snort: Back to basics videos and labs

Snort is happy to launch a new (free!) video training series created by Cisco Talos covering the basic operation of Snort 2 and Snort 3. Currently available topics include installation and configuration, packet capture and logging and rule writing. Users of both Snort 2.9x and Snort 3 can use the included labs to acquire the basic skills and information for quick and easy setup of Snort and start inspecting traffic immediately.

The series is available on the newly revamped Snort Resources page, where you will also find Snort documentation, white papers, and additional tutorials and guides. Currently, the following topics covered in the “Snort 101” videos are:

  • Snort Overview - Snort 101
  • Snort 2 - Install and Config (with labs)
  • Snort 2 - Introduction to Rule Writing
  • Snort 3 - Install and Config (with labs)
  • Snort 3 - Writing Rules (with labs)
  • Snort 3 - Logging (with labs)

The training videos and labs can also be found in a playlist on the Talos YouTube channel, and on the new Resources page here.