Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 03/15/2016

Just released:
Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 03/15/2016

We welcome the introduction of the newest rule release from Talos. In this release we introduced 20 new rules and made modifications to 30 additional rules.

There were no changes made to the snort.conf in this release.

Talos's rule release:
CVE 2016-1010: Adobe Flash Player suffers from programming errors that may lead to remote code execution. Rules to detect attacks targeting these vulnerabilities are included in this release and are identified with GID 1, SIDs 38238 through 38241. 
Talos has also added and modified multiple rules in the blacklist, browser-plugins, exploit-kit, file-flash, file-office, file-other, malware-cnc and server-webapp rule sets to provide coverage for emerging threats from these technologies.

In order to subscribe now to Talos's newest rule detection functionality, you can subscribe for as low as $29 US dollars a year for personal users, be sure and see our business pricing as well at https://www.snort.org/products. Make sure and stay up to date to catch the most emerging threats!