Friday, March 18, 2016

Snort++ Update

Pushed build 192 to github (snortadmin/snort3):

  • use hwloc for CPU affinity
  • fix process stats output
  • add dce rule options iface, opnum, smb, stub_data, tcp
  • add dce option for byte_extract/jump/test
  • initial side channel and file connector for HA
  • continued memory manager implementation
  • add UTF-8 normalization for new_http_inspect
  • fix rule compilation for sticky buffers
  • host_cache and host_tracker config and stats updates
  • miscellaneous warning and lint cleanup
  • snort2Lua updates for preproc sensitive_data and sd_pattern option
Note that hwloc is a new dependency.  For best results, download and install the 1.11.2 tarball from