Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daemonlogger native package now in OpenWRT trunk!

My patch for building Daemonlogger as a native OpenWRT package has been accepted into the mainline distribution and committed to trunk. Pre-built binary packages are now available for all supported
architectures in the nightly snapshots tree.

Unfortunately these packages only work on the latest trunk firmware builds at the moment, and the 3.2 kernel along with the extra software included in these builds does not leave enough free JFFS space or usable RAM to run daemonlogger effectively. I'm trying to convince the developers to include this in the next stable release of Backfire (10.03.2) based on the 2.6 kernel, but no luck yet.

For the time being you can still grab my binary package from my GitHub repository. This one *does* install and run cleanly on the current stable version of Backfire (10.03.1).

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Robert Vineyard