Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Snort Integrator System on

As part of our efforts to enhance the customer experience and better suit the account management needs of our Integrator customers we’ve revamped our Snort Integrator system on

In this new upgrade our new sub-registration process will give Integrators the ability to link active licenses to their master account via the account portal. To accommodate the wide range of sub-user management needs, we have created options that allow our integrators to add customers manually via the Integrator Manager for smaller businesses. This can also be done through the Integrator API which allows our customers to add numerous sub-users at once, accommodating the needs of much larger businesses. This will allow our integrators to couple the user provisioning for the customer’s oinkcode directly into their own user provisioning systems for easy automation.

As a benefit, the addition of this exciting new feature allows integrators to add and suspend their specific users, as needed, without interrupting the service for their other customers. We have also provided extensive documentation and example code written in Perl that can be used with our system to easily utilize the new integrator features.  All of this documentation can be found on your Integrator Account oinkcode page, after logging into

As our Integrator program continues to grow, our team is constantly striving to evolve our program. Our team aims to evolve the program in ways that will not only increase our customer satisfaction and partnerships, but prove mutually beneficial for the business management needs of our integrators. 

You can view our most current list of integrators by clicking here.

If you are interested in becoming a Snort Integrator please email for more details on our program.