Monday, April 17, 2017

Snort Video Series

Want to get better acquainted with Snort and see an overview of Snort IPS? Want to see how you can install and configure Snort IPS on your machine? Look no further. In conjunction with Cisco Engineering Learning & Development, we created a video to give an overview of Snort installation, configuration, and deployment on a computer. The video is a great place for you to begin to understand Snort and see installation from start to finish. You can find the MP4 on our Documents page under Additional Resources section of our website titled Snort installation and configuration TechByte.

This is the first video in the TechByte series being created by Cisco Engineering Learning & Development and Snort. The next videos in this series coming later this year will be on How to Write a Snort Rule and Advanced Snort Rule Writing. Stay tuned.