Thursday, May 11, 2017

Snort++ Update

Pushed build 233 to github (snortadmin/snort3):
  • packet manager: ensure ether type proto ids don't masquerade as ip proto ids
    thanks to Bhargava Shastry <> for reporting the issue
  • codec manager: fix off-by-1 mapping array size
    thanks to Bhargava Shastry <> for reporting the issue
  • codec: fix extraction of ether type from cisco metadata
  • appid: add new unit tests to the cmake build, fix missing lib reference to sfip
  • sfghash: clean up and add unit tests
  • http: fix 119:38 false positive
  • main: fix compiler warnings when SHELL is not enabled
  • perf_monitor: fix flatbuffers handling of empty strings
  • modbus: port fix for false positives on length field
  • http: port simple UTF decoding w/o byte order mark
  • build: updated code to resolve cppcheck warnings
  • cleanup: fix typos in source code string literals and comments
  • doc: fix typos

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