Thursday, July 13, 2017

Snort++ Update

Pushed build 237 to github (snortadmin/snort3):

  • build: add support for appending EXTRABUILD to the BUILD string
  • build: clean up some ICC 2017 warnings
  • build: clean up some GCC 7 warnings
  • build: support OpenSSL 1.1.0 API
  • build: clean up some cppcheck warnings
  • appid: port some missing 2.9.X FEAT_OPEN_APPID code
  • appid: fix thread-unsafe sharing of HTTP pattern tables
  • DAQ: fix leaking instance memory when configure fails
  • daq_hext and daq_file: pass PCI via query method
  • icmp6: reject non-ip6, raise 116:474
  • http_inspect: header normalization improvements
  • http_inspect: port fixes for UTF decoding
  • http_inspect: added 119:87 - 119:90 for expect / continue issues
  • http_inspect: added 119:91 for Transfer-Encoding header not valid for HTTP 1.0
  • http_inspect: added 119:92 for Content-Transfer-Encoding
  • http_inspect: added 119:93 for issues with chunked message trailers
  • PDF decompression: fix missing reset in state machine transition
  • ftp_server: implement splitter to improve EOF processing
  • port_scan: merge global settings into main module and other improvements
  • perf_monitor: add JSON formatter
  • ssl: add splitter to improve PDU processing
  • detection: fix segfault in DetectionEngine::idle sans thread_init
  • rules: tolerate spaces in positional parameters
    thanks to Joao Soares for reporting the issue
  • ip and tcp options: fix max length handling and clean up logging
  • cmg: improved alert formatting
  • doc: updates re control channel
  • snort2lua: added line number and file name to error output
  • snort2lua: fix removal of ignore_ports in stream_tcp.small_segments
  • snort2lua: fix heap-use-after-free for preprocessors and configs with no arguments
  • snort2lua: update for port_scan
 It's been a while since posting here but we have been pushing to github multiple times per week.  :)