Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Snort rule update for April 23, 2019

Just released:
Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for April 23, 2019

Cisco Talos just released the newest SNORT® rule set. This release includes 11 new rules, four of which are shared object rules. There are also 15 modified rules, none of which are shared object rules.

This release provides new coverage for the infamous Emotet malware traditionally spread via spam. There are also two new rules for Microsoft Windows IOleCvt vulnerability disclosed earlier this month as part of Microsoft's monthly security update.

There were no changes made to the snort.conf in this release.

Talos's rule release:
Talos has added and modified multiple rules in the browser-ie, file-other, malware-other, server-apache and server-webapp rule sets to provide coverage for emerging threats from these technologies.
You can subscribe to Talos' newest rule detection functionality for as low as $29 a year with a personal account. Be sure and see our business pricing as well here. Make sure and stay up to date to catch the most emerging threats.