Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Snort version EOL update

As a reminder, we are preparing to EOL the following versions of Snort rules on Dec. 18:
We had originally intended to EOL version Snort as well. However, there are external third-party vendors that are on, and because of their development cycle, can't upgrade just yet, so it's going to hang around while our third-party ecosystem is given a chance to upgrade.

We are also planning on releasing bug fix (tentatively) on Dec. 19, followed by a larger release of in April 2020 (tentatively).

We have been watching the number of downloads of these versions, on a week-to-week basis since September, and while the raw numbers of downloaders have been decreasing (and the drastic uptick in downloaders in and there are still about 42,000 users on those two versions, so we urge everyone on those two versions to upgrade as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone! Happy upgrading.