Monday, March 29, 2021

Official EOL Notice for and

Attention Snort User and Integrators:

This blog post serves as your official 90-day notice that we will be EOL'ing rule support for versions and as of 2021-06-27 or June 27, 2021.

As we release new versions of Snort, occasionally we have to decommission older versions, lowering our amount of maintenance to build the ruleset for these different versions.  We continually review the usage of versions, and try to strive to only keep the most actively used versions around.  There are several older Snort rule integrators that are using very old versions ( for example), which is the reason those versions are still around.  However, we are actively working with these partners to move them to more current versions of Snort.

If you are using an older version of Snort, we encourage you to please start your upgrades to or Snort 3.

Our next versions to EOL will be,, and, so we encourage users of those versions to start your upgrade planning now.