Monday, May 3, 2021

New Snort 3 release available — Here are all the updates and fixes

The SNORTⓇ team recently released a new version of Snort 3 on and the Snort 3 GitHub.

Snort contains several new features and bug fixes. Here's a complete rundown of what's new in this version. Users are encouraged to update as soon as possible, and to upgrade to Snort 3 if they have not already done so.

  • appid: (fix style) Local variable 'version' shadows outer variable
  • appid: Delete third-party connections with context only if third-party reload is not in progress
  • appid: clean up Lua stack on C->lua function exit
  • appid: clean-up parameters in service_bootp
  • appid: detect payload based on DNS host
  • appid: in continue state for FTP traffic, do not change service to unknown on validation failure
  • appid: monitor only the networks specified in RNA configuration
  • appid: refactor to set HTTP scan flags in one place
  • appid: remove detectors which are available in odp
  • appid: remove duplicate RTMP code
  • binder: update flow data inspector on a service change
  • build: add better support for flex lexer; Thanks to Özkan KIRIK and Moin for reporting the issue.
  • codecs: use held packet SYN in Tcp header creation
  • copyright: Update year to 2021
  • dce_rpc: Added a cleanup condition for DCERPC in close request
  • dce_rpc: DCERPC Support over SMBv2
  • dce_rpc: Fixed prototype mismatch. Smb2Tid doesn't need to be inline.
  • doc: add documentation for script_data IPS option
  • doc: revert documentation related to script_data IPS option
  • framework: Adding IT_FIRST inspector type to analyze the first packet of a flow
  • hash: prepond object creation in LRU cache find_else_create
  • host_tracker: fix bug in set_visibility
  • http2_inspect: fix possible read-after-free in hpack decoder
  • http2_inspect: free streams in completed/error state
  • http_inspect: fix end of script match after reload
  • http_inspect: remove detained inspection config
  • IPS: allow null detection trees with negated lists
  • ips_options: add sticky buffer script_data ips option within normalized JavaScript payload
  • main: Adding reload id to track config/module/policy reloads
  • main: Log holding verdict only if packet was actually held.
  • main: Update memcap for detained packets.
  • Netflow: add device list configuration
  • Netflow: add filter matching for v5 decoder
  • Netflow: get correct zone info from packet
  • packet_io: If packet has no daq_instance, use thread-local daq_instance.
  • packet_tracer: Appid daq trace log
  • packet_tracer: fix trace condition for setting IP_PROTO
  • payload_injector: send go away frame
  • pcre: revert change that disabled jit
  • reputation: Registering inspector to the IT_FIRST type
  • RNA: add the smb fingerprint processor to the get_or_create / set processor api
  • SSL: refactoring SSLData out so it can be reused
  • stream: Add held packet to retry queue when requested.
  • stream: Add partial_flush. Flush one side of flow immediately.
  • stream: IP frag packets won't have a flow so do not try to hold them.
  • stream: fetch held packet SYN
  • stream: fix race condition in HPQReloadTuner
  • stream: store held packet SYN
  • utils: enable Flex C++ mode via its option

Snort 3 is the next generation of the Snort Intrusion Prevention System. The GitHub page will walk users through what Snort 3 has to offer and guide users through the steps of getting set up — from download to demo. Users unfamiliar with Snort should start with the Snort Resources page and the Snort 101 video series

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