Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snort install guide for Slackware 13.1 and OpenBSD 4.8 posted

Randal Rioux is our first documenter out of the gate with Snort with an install guide for not only Slackware 13.1 but also OpenBSD 4.8!  Nice Job Randal!

Be sure and check out his guides at

We're going to send Randal out some Snort swag!

Thanks to all of our Snort community contributors on their documentation, if you'd like to contribute some documentation and have it hosted on, please feel free to contact me at, and if we put your guides/whitepapers up on the site, we'll send you some Snort swag!


  1. Still missing the file on OpenBSD 4.8

  2. Compiled Snort application as stated on the document. When i call on the snort.conf file, it hiccups on the certain preprocessor directives e.g ftp_telnet, ftp_telnet_protocol ssh, ssl, etc. - which i had to comment out. Additional, when snort is reading the rules, it has no knowledge of what "dce_iface" is. Not sure if something is missing.

  3. The documentation is missing... no OpenBSD install guide on :-(((