Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snort Webcast Series is back

When I took over the OpenSource Community Manager position here at Sourcefire, I sent out an email asking for suggestions about what I can do to make things better and provide an awesome community for the OpenSource products.

One of the things that was emailed to me was "Can you put the Snort Webcast Series back up?"  and "Start the webinar series back up!".  So, I did, and we will.

You can find the old series that Mike Guiterman (thanks Mike!) was coordinating back in 2009, re-released and put up on  It's always been available, but over on where you had to register to view the content.  This is one of the other complaints I received, that people had to surrender their email to the website in order to gain access to this valuable information.

So I removed that restriction as well.

So, announcing without further ado, the old series is back up, and we're going to be reviving the series soon (probably once a month or so), and putting that information up for consumption as well.  As always I'll post a blog entry when we are going to schedule a webcast, so you may participate live and ask questions of the speakers, and I'll post a blog entry when we put it up on the website for archiving.

You can find the Snort webcast series here, at it's new home, on