Friday, December 16, 2011

One Year of the Blog

The other day passed the one year milestone of this blog being created.  So I thought I'd reflect a bit on how it's helped me, and ask you, the community, if it's done the same for you.

When I took over the Snort Community Manager position here at Sourcefire, I put out a news post that asked what the pain points were for the Snort project, suggestions on how to improve things, and whatever else people felt like writing me with.  (By the way, you can always write me at  You all came up with some great stuff, and I've been implementing some of the ideas both in the community aspect (some people complained it was hard to find documentation and things like that) and in the engine itself (lots of improvements made, more coming).

One of the ideas that I wanted to bring to the table when I took over was to start a blog.  I wanted to start a Snort Blog, revive the ClamAV blog, and start a Sourcefire corporate blog.  The first two I accomplished quickly and the last was also implemented this year.  I wanted to have one place to get your news and information about Snort and one place to get your information about ClamAV.  If any changes were made to, community happenings, improvements, etc.

This blog has allowed me to quickly and easily get information out to the community, as well as provide a forum for feedback to allow people to communicate easily with me.  The other thing it provides is to give a place for our developers to directly speak to you and explain new features of Snort (which we will be doing in the coming weeks about Snort 2.9.2).

But, let me hear from you.  What do you think?  Has the blog helped?  What can I do to make things better?  What suggestions do you have?