Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snort has been released!

Snort is now available on, at the Latest Release section.

[*] New additions
* Update to flowbit rule option to allow for OR and AND of individual bits within a single rule, and allow flowbits to be used in multiple groups. See README.flowbits and the Snort manual for details.

* Dynamic output plugin architecture to provide an API that developers can write their own output mechanisms to log alert and packet data from Snort.

* Update to dcerpc2 preprocessor for improved accuracy and handling of different OSs for SMB processing. See README.dcerpc2 and the Snort manual for details.

* Updates to reputation preprocessor for handling of whitlelist and trustlists and zone information. See README.reputation and the Snort manual for details.

[*] Improvements

* Updates to http_inspect client PAF handling and server flow_depth handling.

* Logging updates to the smtp preprocessor.

* Added detailed documentation of unified2 logging configuration and logging.

* Removed --enable-decoder-preprocessor-rules configure option and hardened preprocessor and decoder rule event code. To enable old behavior such that specific preprocessor and decoder rules don't have to be explicitly added to snort.conf, add "config autogenerate_preprocessor_decoder_rules" to your snort.conf.

* Fixed SMTP mempool allocation for significant memory savings. Also tweaked memory required per stream5 session tracker.

* Force exact versioning match of running dynamic engine and dynamic engine used to build SO rules.

* User can now query reputation pp for routing table and management information.

* Update to return error messages through the control channel.

* Updates to the processing of email attachments for better handling of non-encoded attachments, and improved memory management for attachment processing.

* Improvements in HTTP Inspect for better performance with gzip decompression. Also improvements for handling simple responses, encoded query strings, transfer encoding and chunk encoding processing.

* Updates to the packet decoders to support pflog v4.

* Fix logging of multiple unified2 alerts with reassembled packets.

* Compiler warning cleanup across multiple platforms.

* Added 116:458 and 116:459 to cover fragmentation issues.

[*] Deletions
* Removed all database outputs.

Please see the Release Notes and ChangeLog for more details.

Please submit bugs, questions, and feedback to