Thursday, June 6, 2013

Snort FAQ is open for community involvement!

Following the success of our ClamAV FAQ being placed on Github, we decided to do the same thing to the Snort FAQ in hopes that it will make the content available to community users to submit content to and make it easily manageable.

So, now available:

The reason we put it on Github is it makes it simple to edit (in Markdown format), it's easy to audit, it's easy to clone and import, etc.  When we did this with the ClamAV FAQ, we found it made the content super easy to keep up to date, allows for several users to work on it and allows for community involvement.

So this is what we are hoping you will do.  I took the old FAQ that was on, converted it to Markdown and committed it to Github.

Now we can add things like "Having a problem capturing TCP traffic?  Have you tried "-k none" in your testing?"

So, have at it.  We'll review all content and approve it as it comes in through your pull requests.