Thursday, May 24, 2018

Snort++ Github Changes

The Snort++ project has moved to an organization account on github.  Please update your remote to pull directly from the new repo:

Note that the old remote will be forwarded to the new repo automatically until you switch over.

In addition, there are now two new repos:

The demo repo provides a BATS test suite to validate and demonstrate various use cases.  It currently has over 50 tests and will continue to grow.  It is also a great way to report bugs with everything required for reproduction.  If you have other uses cases to contribute, please open a pull request.

The extra repo has the code that was in snort3/extra/.  It was split into a separate repo to make it easier to manage and completely optional.  This is a great place to add plugins you would like to contribute to the community.

Questions or suggestions about these repos should go to