Monday, April 4, 2011 is coming soon

We are currently planning the release of, so we thought we'd put out the Changelog for it.  We are currently planning to release this week, so prepare to upgrade!


[*] Improvements
 * The normalization perprocessor now has options to configure packet trimming
   and TOS clearing. Packets injected by the preprocessor will now appear in
   Snort's packet statistics. TCP timestamps are now only normalized if a
   session is established without timestamp negotiation.
   See ChangeLog or README.normalize for more details.
 * Added a "config vlan_agnostic" setting that globally disables Stream's use
   of vlan tags in session tracking.
 * Fixed some issues in the packet decoder, including one where IPv6 fragments
   were being decoded incorrectly.
 * Updated the default snort.conf to enable unlimited decompression of gzipped
   HTTP server responses.
As always, we'll announce on the blog when we release the upgrade.  Stay tuned!