Friday, April 15, 2011

Snort setup on Mac OSX Posted

Christoph Murauer, one of the Snort community has written a series of blog posts (in both German and English!) on his site that detail the setup of Snort on Mac OSX.

As always, Sourcefire or does not warrantee these results and we have not tested them, so your milage may vary.

We'd like to thank Christoph for the time it took to write these up, and we look forward to seeing even more Snort users on OSX!

PostgreSQL and pgAdmin 3äge/2011/3/3_EN_PostgreSQL_9.0.3_and_pgAdmin_3_1.12.2.html

DAQ and Snortäge/2011/3/9_EN_DAQ_0.5_and_Snort_2.9.0.5_with_snort.org_Rulesets.html

ADOdb and BASEäge/2011/3/14_EN_ADOdb_5.1.1_and_BASE_1.4.5.html

German :

PostgreSQL und pgAdmin 3äge/2011/3/2_PostgreSQL_9.0.3_und_pgAdmin_3_1.12.2.html

DAQ and Snortäge/2011/3/8_DAQ_0.5_und_Snort_2.9.0.5_mit_snort.org_Rulesets.html

ADOdb and BASEäge/2011/3/11_ADOdb_5.1.1_und_BASE_1.4.5.html