Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snort has been released!

Snort is now available on, at in the Latest Release section.

Snort includes changes for the following:

[*] Improvements

* Improved support for DAQ verdicts of whitelist and blacklist for 6in4 and 4in6 encapsulated traffic (similar to Teredo & GTP). See the Snort manual for configuration details.

* Avoid changing the length of IP options in frag3 when receiving duplicate 0-offset fragments that have IP options.

See the Release Notes and ChangeLog for more details.

Please submit bugs, questions, and feedback to

Happy Snorting!
The Snort Release Team


  1. plz easiest way to install snort on fedora17 plz guys i need it

  2. Thank you Joel. The 6in4, 4in6 has been a great bypass for some time.

    1. We aren't aware of 6in4, 4in6 bypasses. This version simply improved the DAQ blacklist/whitelist support, which has nothing to do with inspection. We've been inspecting 6in4, 4in6 for some time now.