Saturday, October 8, 2016

Snort++ Update

Pushed build 214 to github (snortadmin/snort3):
  • updated DAQ - you must use DAQ 2.2.1
  • add libDAQ version to snort -V output
  • add support http file upload processing and process decode/detection depths
  • port sip changes to avoid using NAT ip when calculating callid
  • port dce_udp autodetect and session creation
  • fix static analysis issues
  • fix analyzer/pig race condition
  • fix explicit obfuscation disable not working
  • fix ftp_data: Gracefully handle cleared flow data
  • fix LuaJIT rule option memory leak of plugin name
  • fix various appid issues - initial port is nearing completion
  • fix http_inspect event 119:66
  • fix ac_full initialization performance
  • fix stream_tcp left overlap on hpux, solaris
  • fix/remove 129:5 ("bad segment") events
  • file_mempool: fix initializing total pool size
  • fix bpf includes
  • fix builds for OpenSolaris
  • expected: push expected flow information through the DAQ module
  • expected: expected cache revamp and related bugfixes
  • ftp_data: add expected data consumption to set service name and fix bugs
  • build: remove lingering libDAQ #ifdefs
  • defaults: update FTP default config based on Snort2's hardcoded one
  • rename default_snort_manual.* to snort_manual.*
  • build docs only by explicit target (make html|pdf|text)
  • update default manuals to build 213
  • tolerate more spaces in ip lists
  • add rev to rule latency logs
  • change default latency actions to none
  • deleted non-functional extra decoder for i4l_rawip

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