Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Snort has been released!

Please join the Snort team as we welcome the addition of Snort to general availability!

Snort can be downloaded from the usual location on

The new keywords, when they are used, will cause older versions of Snort to fail.  (Meaning, you cannot use rules in and below, once those keywords are used.)

Below are the release notes:

[*] New additions
 *  New rule option for byte_math. See the Snort manual for details.

 *  Added bitmask and from_end operations to byte_test. See the Snort manual for details.

 *  Added a Buffer Dump utility to trace all of the buffers used by snort during inspection.
    Enable this by --enable-buffer-dump option to configure prior to building. See the Snort manual for details.

 *  Added new HTTP preprocessor alerts to detect multiple content encoding and multiple content length.

 *  Added support for SMTP Traffic detection over SSL (SMTPS).
[*] Improvements
 *  Fixed an issue which reduces extra service discovery to improve performance.

 *  Fixed multiple issues in AppID.
      - Reconstructed the call to port-service detection.
      - Fixed issue where AppId for Facebook over SPDY/HTTP 1.1 was incorrect.
      - Preventing third-party application identification for expected connections.

 *  Stability improvement for Stream preprocessor. 
      - Addressed incorrect flushing of packets whose size is greater than MAXIMUM_PAF_MAX.
      - Fixed an issue where incorrect length argument in memcpy caused out of bound memory access.

 *  Fixed multiple issues in HttpInspect preprocessor.
      - Handling chunk encoding followed by \r\r\r\n and \n\n\n\r\r\n.
      - Fixed an issue with LZMA flash decompression.

 *  Fixed mime data processing issue in SMTP stateless inspection.

 *  Added support to decode packets that contains VLAN with Secure Group Tag (SGT).
 *  Fixed Issue related to DLL-Load in Snort on windows platforms for CVE-2016-1417. 
The Snort Team would like to thank the following for their contributions in the Snort release:

Marcel da Silva
Al Lewis
Steffen Ullrich

As always, join the conversation over on the Snort-Users list for any installation or upgrade assistance!